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The proper function of a man is to live, not to exist." -- Jack London, Author & Adventurer

One Man's Solo Run Across America In 2006 To Keep A Promise To 97 Elementary School Kids

In 2006 Paul Staso Ran The Equivalent of 125 Marathons in 108 Days Across The Entire United States... All Alone.

He Did The Run Across America To Keep A Promise To 97 Elementary Students.

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Paul Staso - Run Across America
Run Across America
3,260 Miles Across 15 States
108 Days of SOLO Running
30-Miles Per Day Average
1 Runner, No Support Crew
Pushing An 80-Pound Stroller
2nd Hottest U.S. Summer Ever
5th  Ever  Solo  Run Ocean to Ocean
To Keep A Promise To 97 Kids
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This website chronicles the 3,260-mile running trek of Paul Staso as he completed a solo coast-to-coast run across America between June 23 and October 20, 2006 at the age of 41. The trek required 108 running days and the northerly route included 15 states: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, W. Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware (and Wash. D.C.).

Paul's run was the result of a determined running/walking effort by 97 elementary students. His primary purpose was to fulfill a promise he made to those students. He also wanted to increase awareness in kids about the importance of health and fitness.

Paul's run began on the Oregon coast and ended on the Delaware shore. His grueling solo trek took him over the Northern Rocky Mountains, traversing barren plains, into numerous towns and cities, across the steep Appalachian Mountain Range, and through the 2nd hottest summer recorded in US history all while pushing the weight of his gear!

Paul has also run solo across Montana, Germany, Alaska, and the Mojave Desert.

Music Slideshow of Paul Staso's USA Run

The following music slideshow features pictures of Paul's 2006 solo USA run. 


Run Across AmericaSpecial Notes To Paul From Children Regarding
His 2006 Run Across America

"I love that you kept your promise! Thanks for all you have done." - Ryan

"It is so cool what you are doing! - Mackenzie

"I can't believe you ran that far! I've ran so much that I've gotten in better shape and I got faster, and I'm sure other kids have too! I think it's great that kids everywhere are getting in better shape.
Now I run at home, at recess, and well... a whole lot of other places!
- Cami

"Not a lot of grown ups keep their promises." - Cheyenne

"A friend and I are doing this thing we call 'Mission Possible'. We get together every Saturday to
walk the track or ride bikes or something. We did it all because of you!  Thanks!"
- Kristy

"I think it's great that you believe in yourself." - Chantelle

"This year you encouraged us to virtually run across America.
A lot of people thought that we couldn't do it, but we did!"
- Ollie

"You encourage kids to run, that don't normally run. By doing this you got us to realize
we can do a lot of stuff... So for this, thank you."
- Matthew

"You are such an inspiration to me!" - Chelsea

"Thank you for everything, especially keeping your promise. All I can say is WOW!" - Alice

"Thanks for teaching us the good that running gets you." - Aaron

"I had so much fun during our virtual trek across America. Plus, I've become more fit!" - Kelleigh

"From the virtual run experience I learned to never give up, even if you're exhausted.
You should keep going."
- Jessica

"I think running is fun. I'm glad that you let us do the virtual Run/Walk Across America." - McKenzie

"You have done so many good things, and this run is one of them." - Joree

"You have been a real inspiration to me, and a lot of other kids." - Ashlin

"I knew that you would keep your promise. You are awesome!" - Emily

"I learned this year from running across America (virtually) that anything is possible.
This has been a great year for me to run so much. You just have to set your mind to it and run!"
- Kristy

"I am so amazed of what you have done. You took the challenge and succeeded!" - Shae

"One day I wish to become as athletic as you. I'm currently doing sports in school...
and you just amaze me so much!"
- Laura

"I want you to know how much of a hero you are to our family.
I am so proud of you that you made it across the U.S.!"
- Ashley

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