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A Special Note Written To Paul:

"I feel like today we are finding,
more and more, that people and their accomplishments arenít quite what they seem. And I must admit that when I took my 3-year-old daughter to watch and meet you on a remote section of Highway 12 between Roundup and Ryegate, I didnít quite know what to expect. Watching you run directly into a pounding wind, over miles of tough, hilly road, what I found was an authentic inspiration. Someone that I feel fortunate to have met and that my daughter can truly look up to."





This is a website where you can learn about Paul's experiences throughout the 620-mile trek across Montana in 2008. During the journey Paul considered this site his "online classroom" where the visitor could learn about Montana, health and fitness, Native American culture, and more. Click on any date below for his daily journals.

Monday, April 28 (Plevna, MT - 33 Miles)

Tuesday, April 29 (Powder River, MT - 29 Miles)

Wednesday, April 30 (Day Off The Road)

Thursday, May 1 (Miles City, MT - 26 Miles)

Friday, May 2 (Hathaway, MT - 26 Miles)

Saturday, May 3 (Forsyth, MT - 25 Miles)

Sunday, May 4 (Ingomar, MT - 42 Miles)

Monday, May 5 (Melstone, MT - 26 Miles)

Tuesday, May 6 (Roundup, MT - 35 Miles)

Wednesday, May 7 (Day Off The Road)

Thursday, May 8 (Ryegate, MT - 40 Miles)

Friday, May 9 (Harlowton, MT - 29 Miles)

Saturday, May 10 (Martinsdale, MT - 26 Miles)

Sunday, May 11 (White S. Springs, MT - 36 Miles)

Monday, May 12 (Townsend, MT - 42 Miles)

Tuesday, May 12 (Helena, MT - 32 Miles)

Wednesday, May 14 (Elliston, MT - 24 Miles)

Thursday, May 15 (Helmville, MT - 34 Miles)

Friday, May 16 (Greenough, MT - 37 Miles)

Saturday, May 17 (Missoula, MT - 37 Miles)

Sunday, May 18 (Lolo Hot Springs, MT - 34 Miles)

Monday, May 19 (Lolo Pass - Finish Line - 7 Miles)

Post-Trek Thoughts (A Final Writing From Paul)

Watch The Music Slideshow Of Paul's Solo Run Across Montana:

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