One Man Ran 500 Miles (805 km) Solo Through Germany In 3 Weeks...
And Thousands of School Children From Around The World Joined Him Virtually!


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He ran 3,260 miles solo across America.
He ran 620 miles solo across Montana.
He ran 500 miles solo through Alaska.
Now, he's run solo across Germany!

Paul Staso is a former 5th grade teacher who annually takes children from around the world on a free virtual trek adventure using his ultra-endurance abilities. This is his "online classroom" your window into what he experienced in Germany during March '10 as he ran 500 miles (805 km).

Track Paul's Progress Paul's Route In Germany Meet The School Teams

As Paul was running in
Germany during March
2010 kids were able to
track his progress here
and follow the journey by
his daily journal, videos &
pictures in his classroom.

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Germany is about the
same size as Montana in
the U.S.A.. Paul's route
through Germany was
500 miles (805 km) on
roads where pedestrians
are allowed to travel.

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Thousands of school
kids from around the world
participated in P.A.C.E.
Trek 2010 in teams
miles in gymnasiums, around
playgrounds and elsewhere
to pace along with Paul.

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