Between April 28 and May 19, 2008 I ran 620 miles solo across Montana. I averaged 31 miles per day and ran from the Great Plains to the top of the Northern Rocky Mountains, in temperatures from 19 to 90 degrees.

8,000 kids from 8 countries participated virtually, logging more than 42,000 miles. I battled two snowstorms, sleet, rain, harsh wind, 90+ temperatures and more
logging 247 miles in the final mountainous week of the journey.

My website for the run across Montana remains online and contains daily writings, pictures, videos and more:

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View roadside & news videos from my Montana run:

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View highlight photos of my run across Montana:

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Watch my 2008 solo run across Montana at the age of 43.
    (also featuring pictures of school kids worldwide who ran with me virtually)

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