Between April 14 and May 1, 2011 I ran 506 miles solo across the Mojave Desert, averaging 30 miles per day. I became the first person to run alone from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, across the Mojave Desert, to Badwater Basin, Death Valley.

More than 16,000 school kids from 9 countries participated virtually, logging more than 60,000 miles during the run. During week two of the run I ran 229 miles, which was difficult due to sand-covered roads and fierce headwinds

My website for the run across the Mojave remains online and contains daily writings, pictures, videos and more:

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View roadside & news videos from my Mojave run:

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Watch my 2011 solo run across the Mojave Desert at the age of 46.
    (also featuring pictures of school kids worldwide who ran with me virtually)

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